The Open Forum Format is a Standard Practice that most Associations implement if they even have an Open Forum.  Open Forums are not mandated by State Law.  It is, however, a best practice to have an Open Forum at either the beginning or the end of a Meeting and should be adopted by Associations.

Discussion Topics

Any items brought to the attention of the Board during the Forum will potentially be added to a future Board Meeting Agenda unless already on the agenda for that meeting.

Addressing the Board

Each Member is to speak directly to the Board courteously and to the point.  It is a Best Practice to only allow 2-3 minutes per Member.  While there are currently no time limit restrictions, the Board may vote to implement if necessary.


There is a level of Professionalism expected from all Members (Board and General).  All Members should respect one another when engaging in any discussion.

Discussion from Members when a Member has the Floor

Board Members may question the Member, but other members should not comment or question the speaker, except with permission from the Board.

Opportunities to Engage

This is the only opportunity for Members to speak during a Board Meeting but this is not the only opportunity for Members to engage with Board Members. This restriction must be enforced as the purpose of all meetings is for the Board Members to conduct business.  It is not only General Meeting Best Practices but Parliamentary Procedure Best Practices as well. Most, if not all, Associations adhere to this if they even offer an open forum.

Discretions by the Board

It is the discretion of the Board to ask for anyone to leave a meeting if they are not adhering to the above.