These Roles and Responsibilities are general guidelines.  Responsibilities themselves may shift to other officers as necessary.  Overall roles, however, will remain the same.

Serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Association

  • Sets the agenda for the Board Meeting
  • Presides at all meetings of the Association and of the Board
  • Has all the general powers and duties which are usually vested in the office of the President of a Corporation organized under the laws of the State of Texas
  • Has general supervision, direction and control of the business of the Association, subject to the control of the Board
  • Sees that all orders and resolutions of the Board are carried into effect
  • Organizes, calls to order and directs meetings for the Association and Board keeping to a set agenda
  • Acts as the main point of contact and emergency contact
  • Delegates tasks to other Board Members as necessary
  • Reviews budget/financials with treasurer and acts as signing authority in the absence of the Treasurer
  • Records Community complaints, comments, compliments or recommendations
  • Abstains from voting unless a tie

Vice President

Serves as the President when the President is absent or unable to be reached

  • Negotiates new contracts and/or pursues quotes with other companies to maintain competitive pricing
  • Tracks ongoing contracts established by the HOA (ie. Landscaping, Mgmt Company, etc) to make sure that all parties are meeting contractual requirements
  • Fulfills the role of President when President is absent or unable to be reached
  • Takes on tasks assigned by the President when needed
  • Oversees committees


Serves as the Officer of Records

  • Keeps the minutes of all meetings of the Board and of the Association and distribute minutes to the Board within a reasonable amount of time
  • Has charge of such books, papers, and records as the Board may direct
  • Maintains a record of the names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of the members for the purpose of notification
  • Performs all duties incident to the office of secretary
  • Keeps the seal
  • Records architectural change submissions and decisions when presented
  • Records HOA contracts, (Management Company, Landscaper, insurance, etc.) evaluations and new quotes for later comparison
  • Records volunteer activities, Community events, other announcements


Serves as the Officer of Finances

  • Reviews Association funds monthly as provided by the Management Company
  • Prepares the annual and supplemental budgets of the Association
  • Performs all the duties incident to the office of treasurer
  • Reviews financial statements and delinquencies with President on a monthly basis.
  • Works with delinquent accounts to resolve any unpaid balances (payment plans, waiving fees)
  • Monitors and follow-up on any “irregular charges” by contracted companies or utilities
  • Provides financial overview and future financial goals to the Association at annual meetings
  • Works with Vice President to determine the amount of money the Association has available when working with new vendors and contracts

Property Manager

Serves as the Officer of Property Maintenance

  • Tracks ongoing property management contracts established by the HOA (i.e. landscaping, gate, etc.) to make sure all parties are meeting contractual requirements
  • Enforces the mowing guidelines and performs monthly audits
  • Maintains the entrance gate and fence and manages repairs
  • Maintains keypad
  • Manages all things related to the community property

Property Management Company

Serves the Association based on the contractual agreement

  • Responsible for Association Funds
  • Keeps full and accurate financial records and books of account, showing all receipts and disbursements
  • Prepares all required financial data and tax returns
  • Deposits all monies or other valuable effects in the name of the Association in depositories as may from time to time be designated by the board
  • Writes checks when necessary
  • Assists the Board with Annual meeting and any other meeting they may request assistance with
  • Maintains Documents website
  • Assists Boards with special projects, i.e. insurance, loans, legal operations if requested
  • Holds all Corporate records