There is some amount of Formality required in order to have effective and efficient meetings.  The following Format applies to both Board of Directors and Annual Meetings. These are Standard Practices for most Boards.

Parliamentary Procedure

The Board has adopted and manages meetings according to Best Practices for Parliamentary Procedure and is evident in the manner in which…

  1. Meetings are conducted
  2. Agenda is formatted
  3. Manner in which the Board votes and
  4. How the Open Forum is structured

Board Members

Board Members are to be seated at one table and positioned so that Members may see the Board conduct business.


Members are to be seated facing the Board Members so that when Members have an opportunity to speak during the established Member Forums, they can be easily heard and understood by the Board.

Open Forum

Any items brought to the attention of the Board during the Forum will potentially be added to a future Board Meeting Agenda unless already on the agenda for that meeting.

Each Member is to speak directly to the Board courteously and to the point.

Board Members may question the member, but other members should not comment or question the speaker, except with permission from the Board.

This is the only opportunity for Members to speak during a Board Meeting but is not the only opportunity for Members to engage with Board Members.  This restriction must be enforced as the purpose of all meetings is for the Board Members to conduct business.  It is not only General Meeting Best Practices but Parliamentary Procedure Best Practices as well.

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The Agenda is composed of Officer Reports, Current and New Business.

Officer Reports are only to report business.  Board Members may ask questions or discuss, but no voting is to occur.  All items to be voted on are to be included during Current or New Business. 

Current Business is anything that board may have already discussed previously.  New Business is new to the board.

Executive Session

Executive Sessions are for any time that individual members, contracts, financial issues, complaints, deed restriction violations or legal issues are being discussed. That applies to anything that is confidential in nature and cannot be publicized.  A summary of the session is included in the minutes, but only to generally summarize what was discussed, not specifics.


Minutes will be taken, emailed to the board after the meeting, voted on at the next board meeting and then posted to the website.

All minutes are always available to the Members.  If maintaining a website, those minutes will be uploaded and available on the site.  Any minutes that are not found on the site, can be requested from the Board, or the Secretary directly.  In the future, requests can also be submitted to the Property Management Company, as they will have copies of the minutes as well.