The below should answer most of your questions regarding all association meetings.

When is the Annual Meeting and how are Property or Home Owners notified?

The Annual Meeting is held in the March/April/May timeframe.  Annual Meeting Packets are postmarked at least 10 days and no more than 60 days prior to the meeting

When are Board Meetings and how are Property and Home Owners notified?

Board Meetings are held the third Thursday every month, with the exception of June, August and December.  Property and Home Owners can access the dates and an agenda HERE.  This site serves as one notification method.  The second is an email reminder that is sent prior to each meeting.

Are Property or Home Owners allowed to participate in meetings?

Yes, in an open forum concept.  Any member can address the board, during a Board Meeting and at the Annual Meeting at the end of the meeting.  Open forums are always included on the Agenda.

Click here to learn more about the Meeting Format.

Are Open Forums mandated by Texas Law?

No, open forums are not mandated by Texas Law.  Placement, duration or process are up to the Board, if they choose to offer an Open Forum.

Click here to learn more about the Open Forum Format.

Is it a Texas Law to make sure that all Board Meetings are open to the Property and Home Owners?

Yes, it is required, by State Law, that all Board Meetings be open to the community.  Proper notification is required and is adhered to with the current Notification Process, as in a previous FAQ above.

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