Key Updates

More information to come on each of these, but be aware of some of these key updates.

January Board Meeting

The January Board Meeting will be changed due to scheduling conflicts.  Stay tuned for the new date and location.

Board Meeting Format

Be sure to read the Meeting Format prior to the next Board Meeting if planning to attend the meeting.

Annual Assessments

Invoices should be in your mailbox as soon as possible.  The amount due for 2018 is $264.56.  Assessments can be paid online HERE.  Account numbers can be found on the assessment invoice or can be provided by MagProp.

Quadvest Water Well

Plans are being made for the upgrade to a larger water well to accommodate the additional and future homes.  Once the plan has been completed, it will be shared with all.

Erosion Repair

The Erosion Repair is still being managed with the Loan approval almost complete.  The hope is to see much more movement in the next couple of months.

Mowing Enforcement

Mowing enforcement begins again in March.  Be sure to start mowing your lots on March 1st to avoid the $150 mowing assessments.  A reminder will be published again in February.  Review the Mowing Guidelines.

Website Updates

Updates such as the calendar, Meeting Dates, etc will be updated over the course of the next couple of weeks.  Check the Website regularly.
New Information will be published regularly.


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