The number one reason Property Owners have bought lots and built homes in Rocky Creek Estates is due RC being a Gated Community.  A Gated Community should provide safety and security, among other things.  To ensure that the Home Owners feel safe, there are guidelines regarding the Remotes, Keypad and Access Codes.


Remotes are $25 and provided upon request.  They are only to be given to the Property or Home Owners, not other family members that do or would not live on the property.  Those not authorized include Realtors!!!
Realtors may use the keypad to dial "Information" to be let in.

Keypad Entries

Only Home Owners are entered into the Keypad.  Once a Property Owner has moved in, they will be entered.
There are two entries available for each Home.

Entry Codes

Due to the previous abuse of the codes, Entry Codes are not given to Property or Home Owners.
Temporary Codes are given to New Home Builders and deleted upon completion of the build.
Vendor Codes are provided to Vendors who enter the property regularly.  If a Vendor Code needs to be given to a Vendor, the code will be given directly to that Vendor.

Dial Information, Robin Bennett or Denise Murtha...

If you cannot enter the Property for any reason.  Realtors can dial those numbers as well.