Election Runner is the app in which Members may cast their vote.  Electronic voting gives members more options, as allowed by State Law.  Providing this option in the last election, more Members voted than ever in the past.
Read more below regarding the Election Runner app.

Voter ID and Keys

Voter ID and Keys have been sent to one designated Voter per Lot and were randomly selected from the available email addresses assigned to that Lot.

Voter Keys

Voter Keys were randomly assigned by the Election Runner app.

Weighted Votes

All votes are weighted per the Bylaws (Article III, #9).

Nominations from the Floor not included on the Electronic Ballot

Per the modified version of TPC 209.00592 it is made clear that a Nomination not included already on a Ballot is not considered an amendment that would invalidate an Absentee or Online Ballot.
Therefore, Voters may key-in a candidate as an Online Nomination or for any Nominations from the Floor at the Board Meeting.

Election Runner Integrity

Once the Election has launched, it cannot be altered in any form in order to protect the integrity of the Election, Voters, and Candidates.

One Time Vote

Members can only vote one time (Online, by Proxy or by an Absentee Ballot).  Once the Voter Ballot has been submitted, the Voter can no longer access the Online Election.