Board Members are elected at the end of every 3 year term.  Officers are not elected, but rather, selected and voted on by the Board.
State Laws may change, regarding elections, so while the Association will make every effort to keep this page updated, there may be incorrect information based on those law changes. Have questions, contact the Property Management Company and they can provide you with most recent State Laws that might supersede the Association Bylaws.

The next Election will be in 2019.


Board Members serve 3 year terms.  Current terms are:

  • President
  • Property Manager
  • 6th appointed Board Member


  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • 7th appointed Board member

Staggered Elections

Elections are staggered to prevent a complete turnover.
The Treasurer/Secretary and Vice President were elected beginning in 2013.  Therefore elections are then:  2013, 2016, 2019, etc.
The President was elected beginning in 2014 and therefore the elections are then:  2014, 2017, 2020, etc.
Should the Board of Directors appoint a 4th, 6th, or any even-numbered Board Member, their election will coincide with the President's terms.
Should the Board of Directors appoint a 5th, 7th, or any odd-numbered Board Member, their election will coincide with the Vice-President's terms.


State Law states that only Associations consisting of more than 100 lots need to solicit for candidates and be included on the Absentee Ballot.  If Property Owners are interested in being nominated, they must submit their interest to the Board.  More information is available in the Bylaws.
State Law makes it clear that a nomination taken from the floor in a Board of Directors election is not considered an amendment that would invalidate an absentee ballot.


According to State Law, the Association is required to provide only 1 method of voting, but at a minimum, a Property Owner must be allowed to vote by an Absentee Ballot or Proxy.  Electronic voting is also recognized as an acceptable voting option.

Voting Rights

Property Owners are entitled to cast 1 vote for each Lot owned and 1 vote for each occupied residence owned on the owned lot or lots.