Have any questions regarding this policy, contact the Property Management Company and they can provide more information.

Please note...with the old policy, there was a 30 day grace period, however, that is no longer available.

Violation Submitted

A violation can be submitted by a Property Owner or when the Management Company audits monthly.

Formal Notice

Once the violation has been recorded, a letter is sent and the Property Owner has 30 days to fix or resolve the violation.

Demand Notice

If at the end of the 30 days, the violation is not fixed or resolved, a 209 Letter is sent notifying the Property Owner that they must fix/resolve within 30 days or be sued by the Association.

Repetitive Violations

If a violation is repeated within a 6 month period, the process is simply picked up where it was left off. This prevents someone for resolving within the 30 days but then being in violation anytime thereafter up until the 6 month period (this is by state law).