Good Attention to Detail and the Big Picture - Someone who can dive into the details while still focusing on the big picture
Commitment to Consistency – Conducting themselves with consistency both as an individual and the interaction with the Board and Community
Sense of Fair Play – A great Board Member is able to put personal agendas aside and treat everyone and all issues fairly that represent the best interests of the Association
Good Communication Skills – Positive rather than Negative Communication to foster Positivity amongst the Board and Community
Understands that Board Authority comes first, not Personal Authority – Part of a unified board that makes group decisions even if they conflict with their own opinions
*Resource:  HOA Management Blog

Different objectives for being on the Board – Out for themselves and not the Community as a whole
Antagonistic Atmosphere – Someone whose tone seems unfriendly, cannot resolve conflicts in a kind way or can come across as a bully
Overstepping Board of Director Roles – Not adhering to or overstepping their duty or making decisions that are not in the best interest of the association
Not listening to others or eliciting their input – A functional Board works as a team; no one person is more important than the other
Disagreeing on Objectives or Priorities for the Board – Uniform timelines and goals are necessary to be effective to the Association
Blaming Others to elevate One’s self – There is no room in an Association to lay blame
*Resource: HOA Management Blog