This is the official Candidate Nomination Page.
Important note...While the website was back up and running last week, week of July 5th, there was a delay with this page going live as each board member had an opportunity to weigh in and provide feedback, suggestions, changes, etc.
In order to ensure that the Property Owners have an opportunity to know who they might be electing, fill the information out below. Please note that the responses may be modified to fit the page format.
Note...Elections are for Board Member Positions only. Once the Board has been elected, in the following Board Meeting, the Board will appoint the officers.
There are 4 open Board Positions to be elected. They are Denise Murtha's, John Anderson's, John Nguyen's and Robin Bennett's.
There is one open position to be appointed in which they are in their first year of a 3 year term.  Per the bylaws, the position would be appointed by the Board.  Rather than appointing that position before elections, the Board has chosen to appoint based on the candidate voting results and the 5th runner up will be appointed.
Laura Tijerina and Monty Lewis are the two Board Members whose positions are in their first year, and therefore will not be voted on.
There is an anticipated vacancy, potentially, so there may need to be another appointed position at some point. So if you are not elected, there is still an opportuntiy for you to be on the Board later.
Nominations may be made from the floor on the day of the Annual Meeting (date to be announced soon). The Board is working on the specifics for hard copy voting for those that do not like to vote via the voting app. We will provide more information as soon as possible and will update on this page and send out an email.

Good Attention to Detail and the Big Picture - Someone who can dive into the details while still focusing on the big picture


Commitment to Consistency – Conducting themselves with consistency both as an individual and the interaction with the Board and Community


Sense of Fair Play – A great Board Member is able to put personal agendas aside and treat everyone and all issues fairly that represent the best interests of the Association


Good Communication Skills – Positive rather than Negative Communication to foster Positivity amongst the Board and Community


Understands that Board Authority comes first, not Personal Authority – Part of a unified board that makes group decisions even if they conflict with their own opinions


*Resource:  HOA Management Blog


Different objectives for being on the Board – Out for themselves and not the Community as a whole


Antagonistic Atmosphere – Someone whose tone seems unfriendly, cannot resolve conflicts in a kind way or can come across as a bully


Overstepping Board of Director Roles – Not adhering to or overstepping their duty or making decisions that are not in the best interest of the association


Not listening to others or eliciting their input – A functional Board works as a team; no one person is more important than the other


Disagreeing on Objectives or Priorities for the Board – Uniform timelines and goals are necessary to be effective to the Association


Blaming Others to elevate One’s self – There is no room in an Association to lay blame
*Resource: HOA Management Blog