Denise Murtha

Outgoing President

Denise Murtha has lived in Rocky Creek Estates since 2009 and was a founding Board Member and President since the inception in 2011.  In 2020/2021, she will be transitioning over the Role of President to another Board Member, but will remain on the Board as a General Board Member.  Not only with her experience on the Board and as President from 2011-2020, understanding the Dedicatory Docs, the Laws and the history of the Association, but also with her leadership experience on other boards (non-HOA/POA) and committees, her sales background, and engagement with Executive and C-Level Leaders, she adds great value to the Board.

laura tijerina pc

Laura Tijerina


Laura Tijerina has been a member of the Board and as the Secretary since 2013.  She has years of experience in the community, as a Realtor, and helping the board to make decisions to help improve the community and property values.  Her expansive experience aids the ACC as new home builds begin.  She has extensive knowledge and history that is a value add to the Board as well. She hopes to start building her home soon and be an even more engaged with the Community.  She is working towards that goal now.

robin profile

Robin Bennett

Board Member

Robin and her husband Terry have an island like backyard and love living in Rocky Creek.  But more important is her ability to manage people, finances, projects, and a complete branch.  Her success in meeting her quotas annually are a testament to her ability to set goals and achieve them.  Working in her industry is also a value add giving the Association access to vendors that most of the Board would not know to contact.  But even more important is her experience and history that she can bring to all.  The Board is lucky to have her.

James McMahon

President-Elect, President

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Matt Rush


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Rich Dixon


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Allen Rollins

Allen Rollins

Property Manager

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2020 Goals

Complete Erosion Repair

Improve Drainage

Continue to evaluate Vendor Contracts

Beautify Community

Focus on Safety

Review Deed Restrictions

Goals, Vision, Mission and Values

The Board has worked hard to establish a new Vision, Misson, and Values while ensuring that the Goals are carried out and achieved to help support those new statements.  Learn what they are!

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