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What governs the Rocky Creek Property Owners Association?

The Deed Restrictions, Bylaws, ACC Guidelines and State Laws govern the Association. State Laws must be adopted, when passed, and always supersede any of the other governing documents. Because Deed Restrictions and Bylaws can only be amended by a vote by the Property Owners, they may not reflect the newly adopted State Laws. To avoid any confusion or frustrations, inquire why a process, statement, policy, etc may not coincide with the current governing documents.

What does the Association regulate?

The Association regulates all things under the Deed Restrictions, ACC Guidelines and State Laws.

What does the Management Company do for the Association?

The Magnolia Property Management Company manages the Finances and the Deed Restrictions for the Association.  The Association has a contract and pays monthly for services.  Adhoc services may be paid for at any given time upon a vote of the Board.

What is a Board of Directors?

The Rocky Creek Property Owners Association is incorporated and requires a governing body to oversee its business.  The Board of Directors manages and controls the business and property of the Association.

The Directors are elected by the Property Owners and serve 3 year terms or as otherwise specified in the bylaws (ie Appointments). State Law mandates that only Associations that have more than 100 Property Owners need to include Nominations on an Absentee Ballot.

Officers and Committees are voted on by the Board.  The Officers should include at least a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The Committees should include at least the Deed Restriction and the Architectural Control Committee.

Are Board Meetings open to all Property Owners and when are they held?

Board Meetings are open to all Property Owners and are held monthly, with a few exceptions.  Rules of Order are followed at the Meetings and Property Owners are expected to understand both the Meeting and Open Forum Formats when in attendance.  More information can be found under Meetings.

Is the Open Forum the only time a Property Owner may communicate with the Board?

During the Meeting, Yes!  The Open Forum is the only opportunity at a Meeting for Property Owners to speak to the Board.  Review the Open Forum Format before attending a meeting.

But a Board Meeting is not the only opportunity for Property Owners to engage with Board Members.  The Board can be contact by Email, Submitting via the Site, or time can be requested of those Board Members to talk live.  More information to come.

What are Annual Assessments, when are they due, how much are they, and where does the money go?

Annual Assessments are assessments that Property Owners pay for basic management and upkeep of the Association and Community.  Assessments are due by the beginning of each new year and increase by 3% annually unless a higher increase is voted on by the Property Owners.  Contact the Property Management Company for the most recent amount assessed and/or owed.

Is there an operating budget?  How are expenses managed?  How does the Board decide where to spend money?  Do Property Owners vote on all the expenses?

Each year the Board votes on the operating budget for that year by evaluating the previous year's budget and the expected expenses.  As the year progresses, some items will exceed their budget while others may be under budget.  Keeping records of this will help to build the upcoming years budget.

The operating budget is simply a guide, a spending plan.  It's a best-guess estimate on how much the Association will spend on the various line items that year.  However, because it is a guide, it does not confine the expenditures to stay within each of the line items or even within the total annual budget.  Sometimes there are unexpected expenses which must be paid. Those non-budgeted expenses should be held to a minimum.

Expenses can include basic utilities, repairs, improvements or even social events.

While Property Owners do not vote on the budget or expenses, the budget is usually presented at the Annual Meeting and is available to Property Owners either on the website or upon request.

Deed Restrictions?

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Architectural Control Committee (ACC)?


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