If the below FAQ's do not answer all of your questions, please Contact Us.

What are Annual Assessments, when are they due, how much are they, and where does the money go?

Annual Assessments are assessments that Property Owners pay for basic management and upkeep of the Association and Community.  Assessments are due by the beginning of each new year and increase by 3% annually unless a higher increase is voted on by the Property Owners.  Contact the Property Management Company for the most recent amount assessed and/or owed.

Who sends the Assessment Invoices?

Assessments are mailed by and managed through the Property Management Company.

Can Property Owners have access to the monthly financial report?

Yes, all Property Owners have access to the monthly financial report by Submitting A Request to the Board or the Property Management Company.  Financial Reports are usually reported on during Board Meetings as well.

Can I pay my invoice online?

Of course!  While you can always mail a check to the Management Company, you may also pay online.  If you pay online, you also have access to your account information provided by the Association through our Online Bank.

To Pay Online you will need the following information

Management ID:  6638
Association ID:  000006
Account Number:  Must obtain from the Property Management Company or by referencing a previous invoice.