This page is a "Work in Progress".  If, after you have reviewed the ACC Documents and read through the below FAQ's, there are still questions, CONTACT US.  If necessary, those questions will be added below.

What requires approval?

Any New Build or Improvement (any improvement or change to current builds) to include garage additions, fences (gates and repairs/replacements), new paint colors, garage door changes, front and back porch additions or changes, pergolas, sheds, etc.

What is the approval process?

All New Builds and Improvements require forms to be filled out and submitted to the President or Vice President.  Once submitted, the requests are provided to the ACC.  Requests are then reviewed by the ACC.  The ACC can either approve, disapprove or respond to the Property or Home Owner with either request for change or more information.  The ACC has up to 30 days to respond.  Notice of approval, disapproval or request for more information or changes is to be provided in writing (email is acceptable) or in person.

Does the ACC have the final approval or disapproval rights?

Yes, the judgement of the Association (Board) or the ACC, so long as exercised in good faith, shall in all things be final and conclusive.

What happens when a Builder does not adhere to the Builder Expectations or the ACC Guidelines?

If a Builder does not adhere to the Builder Expectations or the ACC Guidelines, Builders can be assessed and those assessments will be deducted from their deposit.

Who's responsibility is it to clean or maintain the Builder Lots that are under construction?

It is the Builder's responsibility to maintain the Lot that is under construction and is notified and assessed if not addressed.  If the trash is bothersome and not addressed by the builder (or the contractors), it is the responsibility of all community members, not the board members as a collective group, to maintain the integrity of the community.

How do Community Members address any Builder complaints?

Community Members should call the Magnolia Property Management Company to submit a complaint if a Builder is not adhering to the Builder Expectations.

Where do physical documents get submitted?

Mail to Rocky Creek POA, 25805 Jack Road, Hockley, TX 77447 or email them to