New Goals are set every year by the Board of Directors. Some are a continuance from the previous year, some have expanded and some are new. If you have any Goals that you would like us see add, EMAIL US!!!

Complete Erosion Repair

Improve Drainage

Continue to Evaluate Vendor Contracts

Trash Pick-up Options

Beautify the Community

Front Entrance - Janice Anderson donates flowers every season
Front Gate - Done
Lake Area - Continuously Done by Property Owners, primarily James McMahon
East Fence
Lake Gate - Being removed and the Gate sold
Yard of the Month

Focus on Safety

Security Cameras
Remote odes
Fire Hydrant - Once we reach 50 homes, Quadvest will upgrade and we can have fire hydrants installed then

Review Deed Restrictions and ACC Guidelines

Have Proposed Changed to Vote on at the 2020 Annual Meeting