The 2019 Goals were approved by the Board at the February Board Meeting, while the specifics for each were approved at the March Meeting.

1.  Complete Erosion Repair

The area behind the Quadvest Water Well needed to be corrected.
Update:  Erosion repair is almost complete.

2.  Improve Drainage

The Harvey flooding brought to our attention the need to ensure that all drainage is as it should be to prevent any future issues.
Update:  Erosion Repair is to come first.

3.  Continue to Evaluate Vendor Contracts

Specifically, want to review Trash options.

4.  Review Deed Restrictions

  1. Include Laws that have passed
  2. Update those in which the Laws supersede the current Deed Restrictions
  3. Add, remove or edit any to better apply to our Community

Update:  The Deed Restriction Committee was voted on and notified of their involvement and the Lawyer is providing a version that includes #1 and #2 with some recommendations for #3 based on his experience and other Communities.

5.  Beautify Community


  1. Clean up the Front Entrance Gate/Fence
  2. Continue to maintain the Lake Area
  3. Repair or remove the Lake Gate
  4. Enforce the repair of the East Fence
  5. Implement the Yard of the Month

Update:  A Volunteer Day is scheduled for March 30th to repair the Front area and either repair or remove the Lake Gate.

6.  Focus on Safety


  1. Security Cameras
  2. More Street Signs
  3. Update Remote Codes
  4. Install Fire Hydrant

Update:  Security Committee is finalizing the options for the Security Cameras as well as working with Quadvest to understand the cost for the Fire Hydrants.