Find out more specifics regarding the goals and/or how they are tracking.

1.  Complete Erosion Repair

Update:  Erosion repair is underway and will be done in the June timeframe.  More to come.

2.  Improve Drainage

Update:  Erosion Repair is to come first.

3.  Evaluate Vendor Contracts

Specifically, want to review Trash options.

4.  More Social Events

Will have our first Community Easter Egg Hunt and End of School or Summer Kickoff Party this year.

Update:  Stay tuned for more information regarding the Summer Bash.

5.  Beautify Community


  1. Planting of new flowers at Front Entrance
  2. Repair and clean up of Front Gate/Fence
  3. Clean up and continued maintenance of Lake Area
  4. Improvement of Lake Gate
  5. East Fence Repair
  6. Yard of the Month

Update:  Thanks to Janice Anderson, the front entrance looks great.  Now to work on the other items.

6.  Focus on Safety


  1. Security Cameras at Front Entrance
  2. Security Cameras throughout Community
  3. More Street Signs
  4. Changing of Remote Codes
  5. Information Number on Keypad consideration
  6. Fire Hydrant


7.  Find High Speed Internet

Update:  ATT Fiber is live and ATT is working diligently to get the community signed up and ready for installs the week of May 21st.