Thank You Volunteers

Thank you to the Volunteers who helped with the Front Entrance on Saturday, March 30th, by repairing and staining the wooden fence. They were:

  • John Anderson
  • Arlan Green
  • Kenric Lopez
  • Robin and Terry Bennett
  • Paul Cox
  • Ben Sigmund
  • Allen Rollins
  • Mike Tricarico
  • James McMahan
  • Denise and Andreas Bachmann

This past weekend, the front gate was also repaired by:

  • Allen Rollins
  • Andreas Bachmann

As soon as possible, the repaired section of the front gate will be painted.


In the next few months the Community should see some additional improvements such as the front Commercial lots mowed, the lake gate improved and expanded and much more.


In order to perform those additional improvements there may be another volunteer day or two scheduled so stay tuned for dates.


Reminder…Election app will open on Thursday evening with Candidate information available then as well on the website. Look for the published News on that day.


Reminder…Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, April 18th at 6:30pm at the Hockley Community Center.


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