Thank you and some Reminders!

A big Thank You to David Eppley who fixed the front entrance gate!
Reminder…if the gate is not working, do not force the gate open! Call Robin Bennett or Denise Murtha!
Forcing the gate open, when not done properly will cause it to malfunction.  
Also!!!! Please watch out for suspicious vehicles and people! There are a lot of contractors coming in and out due to construction. While the majority of them are just doing their job, there are some here and there that may be just riding through.
If you see a suspicious vehicle or person, call the police. At the very least, write their license tag number down and send to Denise Murtha. However, please, consider calling the police first and foremost.
This will serve as the last reminders…
Don’t forget to Mow lots as they will be assessed on April 1st if they have not been mowed. Any areas or patches not mowed will constitute a non-compliant lot and will be assessed and force mowed.
Be sure to let us know if you are interested in being on the Board ASAP as the Annual Meeting packets will be mailed and posted here by the end of the month.
Lastly, the March Board meeting will be held this evening!
Enjoy the Spring weather that everyone has been waiting on!

Rocky Creek Property Owners Association

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