Important Property Mowing Information


  1. The last mow for this season will be October.
  2. Mowing season will begin again in March.
  3. A lot must be completely mowed in order to not be in violation.  The definition of Completely Mowed:  no patches of high grass visible anywhere within the property line.

#3 will be key to during the months that mowing is not enforced or audited (November – February).
Mowing Guidelines are changing and will be in effect for the FY19 Mowing season.  What are the changes?
Mowing Violation Letters will no longer be sent with a 30 day resolution period.  Upon completion of the monthly mowing audits, forced mows will occur and $150 will be assessed.
Additionally, more stringent audits will be performed.  All lots must be mowed in their entirety.  High grass anywhere on the lots is prohibited and therefore considered a violation.  As the mowing nears the end, and before it begins again, any Property Owners that do not understand the property lines, may contact the board.
Reminder…forced mows are $150 assessments (which include lots that are only partially mowed).
Disclaimer...the current Mowing Guidelines on this site are not the FY19 Mowing Guidelines but are the guidelines enforced this year, 2018.  FY19 Mowing Guidelines will be posted once this year’s mows are complete.

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