Deed Restriction Violation Fines Coming Soon

Please note…News is usually published on Tuesdays and Thursdays, however, there was an issue with publishing this News yesterday.

Deed Restrictions are designed to Property Owners and property values.  But it seems that as more and more Property Owners move in and turn into Home Owners, the Deed Restrictions are becoming harder and harder to enforce.

As such, in September the Board voted to implement fines for some of those violations.  Specifically for boats, cars, and trailers, for the time being.

Please read the following in the Deed Restrictions:  Article IV, Section 5. Parking of Vehicles.

What will happen?

After the November audits, violation letters will be sent with the opportunity to correct within 30 days.  If the violation has not been corrected, fines will begin to be implemented.  They will double each month thereafter up to 6 months and then legal action will be taken.

The fines are pretty significant. They are $200 and then double each month still in violation.

There is also a 6-month lifespan for a violation.  More detail to come in a separate News publish.

The purpose for the new process is not to make money or to make life hard for our Property Owners, but to ensure that Violations are corrected and to prevent repeat offenders.

Reminder…After November audits, 30 days to correct Notices will be sent.  By January fines will be imposed and will double every month thereafter for up to 6 months.  Thereafter, legal action will be taken.  Any legal action fees are the responsibility of the Property Owner in violation.

The website will be updated later in November as the policy does not yet apply to any October violations.

The Board wanted to ensure that Property Owners were provided with proper notification.  This News will serve as the first notification.  Additionally, this information will be provided in any October violation letters.  Notification of the update to the policy on this website will also be provided.

Any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Board.


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