Deed Restriction Review Committee

The Deed Restriction Review Committee is being formed.

Are you interested in participating?

Goal:  To review the Deed Restrictions and make recommendations to amend.  Amending could include: deleting, editing or adding.
Committee Chair:  Paul Cox
Process:  Committee would meet regularly, review sections of the Deed Restrictions and make recommendations for improvements.  Recommendations discussed amongst the board and reviewed by the Association Lawyer.  Amendments then proposed to the Members.  Finally…Members vote on the proposed Amendments.
Deed Restrictions are the Association’s governing docs.  These particular DR’s were created by the original developers and seem to be fairly standard.
The process could take quite some time so only those that truly are interested in giving their time monthly, up to a year potentially, and who truly care about the Community, not have their own interests in mind, should submit their name.
A small number of Committee members will be approved by the Board.

Submit your interest!!!

Deadline for submission is July 15th!
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