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Denise Murtha


Denise Murtha has lived in Rocky Creek Estates since 2009 and was a founding Board Member and President since the inception in 2011.  With her leadership experience on other boards (non-HOA/POA) and committees, her sales background, and engagement with Executive Leaders, she adds great value to the Board.

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Laura Tijerina


Laura Tijerina has been a member of the Board and as the Secretary since 2013.  She has years of experience in the community, as a Realtor, and helping the board to make decisions to help improve the community and property values.  Her expansive experience aids the ACC as new home builds begin.  She hopes to start building her home soon.

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John Nguyen


John Nguyen joined the POA Board recently in 2016.  He has experience in the Energy sector that spans over 26 years.  John joined the board with the intent to bring clarifications and equality to the community.  With this experience and his leadership background, not only can he achieve his goals, but he will be very important to the Board.

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Arlan Green


Arlan has lived in Rocky Creek Estates for a couple of years now.  He and his wife Karen are one of the few that have built their home on an acre lot.  Arlan brings 28 years of management experience to the board, both managing people and projects.  Those qualities that he learned were of value when he was on the Lake Committee so he will be great for the Board.

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Robin Bennett

Property Manager

Robin and her husband Terry have an island like backyard and love living in Rocky Creek.  But more important is her ability to manage people, finances, projects, and a complete branch.  Her success in meeting her quotas annually are a testament to her ability to set goals and achieve them.  Working in her industry is also a value add giving the Association access to vendors that most of the Board would not know to contact.  The Board is lucky to have her.

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John Anderson

Board Member

John, our newest addition to the Board, was a Police Officer for years with the Houston Police Department.  During his time there, he held many different positions.  His experience brings the ability to manage people and to manage heated situations.  He also has a knack for being able to take a step back, think through the impact and base his decision on the long-term affects.  He has lived in the community since 2011. The Board welcomes John!

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Paul Cox

Board Member

A community member since 2016, Paul joined the board in December of 2017. Paul has 20 years experience in the Insurance and Financial Planning industry. As COO, Paul currently sits on the board as an officer with his current employer and provides a wealth of knowledge when dealing with project management, finances, and overall operations of the firm. With the belief in the wellbeing of our community, he strives to make a difference for all.

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